About Me

Hi! I'm Cassie.

When I was working on the first version of this site, it was 2020. Like many people, I did a few crazy things during that time. I disinfected my groceries (including my fruit – anyone else?). I tried, and failed, to learn piano. I got a pet lizard.

I also did something most people probably didn’t do during the pandemic – I decided to become a companion. And two years later, I’m so glad I did.

You must be curious about what I look like. No, my face is not a blurry cloud with a mouth (if that’s your thing, sorry to disappoint)! To me, I just look like, well, me. But based on what others have told me, I have a beautiful face, with doll-like blue eyes. I’ve received comparisons to about a dozen celebrities, but I frequently get Brooke Shields circa 1990.

I’m Canadian, but my naturally blonde hair, fair skin, and hundreds of freckles show my European heritage. I’m quite tall – 5 foot 8 – and love working out, giving me all-natural athletic curves, with a butt built by deadlifts, hockey, and pasta.

Since taking the leap as Cassie, I’ve learned how much I love meeting new people. You’ll find me to be laid-back and easy to talk to, with a humour that can run either dry or goofy, while maintaining an elegant demeanor that sometimes seems beyond my 20-something years.

While I love having thoughtful conversations or sharing a laugh, I’m not afraid of contented silence either, and am happy just to snuggle up next to you on the couch with a glass of wine. If we’re hungry I’m always up for good food, whether it be Michelin Star or UberEats.

We live in a wild time with no shortage of stress, traffic, and unnecessary emails. But with me, you can take a deep breath and relax, free of expectation or pressure. What impresses me most is not fancy jewelry or dinners, but a kind gentleman who is looking for a fun and care-free escape from the rest of this wild world.